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ChessNoteR and the US Chess Federation Rules

Dear ChessNoteR Family,

We had a customer who was told they could not use their ChessNoteR device in a recent tournament this past weekend. We have since contacted the USChess Federation to get a better understanding of the rules and we are sending this email to educate our ChessNoteR Family about the rules and how it pertains in using your device at tournaments. Per the US Chess Federation Rules our device is certified and as such can be used in any US ChessFederation Rated Tournament. The only way our device cannot be used is the following rules need to be followed.

FirstRule 43, explicitly says that a TD can require all players in an event to use a particular scoresheet. The player must be able to get a copy of the scoresheet after the game.  Most organizers who mandate a particular scoresheet either provide carbonless duplicates, or provide a copier to duplicate the scoresheet immediately after the game.

SecondRule 26A permits variations from the rulebook, provided they are posted on site before round 1. Rule 26B defines a “major variation” and requires any major variation to be mentioned in any Chess Life announcement, as well as all other pre-tournament publicity.  So, any organizer who wishes to not permit any electronic scoresheets (or just certain types of electronic scoresheets) may do so, provided the conditions of Rule 26B are met.”

Now just to educate you further on Rule 26B, if on the Chess Life ad it states rules are posted on their website, those rules can be changed and updated from their website and will be accepted as meeting the rule of 26B, however they also need to have it posted at the playing site as well per rule 26A.

So if you are having issues with TD’s not allowing the ChessNoteR device then both these rules need to be met our they cannot turn you away from using your most beloved and coveted ChessNoteR device. However if the TD or Organizer has in fact followed these rules then you cannot use your device. So before signing up for tournaments please make sure to check the tournaments website rules and also contact the TD to make sure you can use your device.

Our hopes is this specific organizer will be minority and not the majority, specially when larger organizations have been open to our device. If anyone has further questions or concerns on this please feel free to respond to this email.