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 by Neal Bellon, Director of the Long Island Chess Club and Host of The Chess Angle Podcast
State: NY

The ChessNoteR is hands-down the best notation device out there. It's extremely easy to use, and I love the fact that you can e-mail a .pgn file of the game to yourself to analyze. I was using a MonRoi for years but the ChessNoteR blows it away. No more indecipherable or lost score sheets. I can't recommend this highly enough. Disclosure: Joey did send me a unit at no cost to check out as a TD and podcast host, but this is no way affects my review. He's not getting it back - I love using this!

 by Peter Osroff
State: NY

My ChessNoteR arrived yesterday and I cannot be more pleased! It exceeded every one of my expectations! I reviewed the manual and user videos before it arrived, and I found it super-easy to use! All aspects of the device and software are naturally intuitive and easy to master. I took ChessNoteR to a local chess club for tournament night…it was so much easier AND accurate rather than writing down all of my moves. Also, it was a huge hit with the other club members and I wouldn’t be surprised it you get several new sales.

Best of all, after my match, when I went back home, I loaded the tournament game into Chessbase 16 with Stockfish 15 for analysis…The entire game transfer and computer analysis took just a few minutes and I was able to see all of my missed opportunities and blunders. It couldn’t have been easier to accomplish. Later this week I will bring it with me to another local club. Again, I am very pleased with ChessNoteR as it has dramatically increased my enjoyment of over the board competition, and it has enabled me to more efficiently study my own games. Money very well spent! Thank you for a great product!

 by Betty B
State: CO

I just received my Chess Noter and decided to do a review. First of all, if you are a serious chess player than you know that the best study material for you to improve is your own games. Sadly, due to multiple reasons, traditional score keeping (with pen and paper) can be less than optimal. Typo’s creep in and render the precious score of your game unusable. Add to that, sloppy handwriting and failing eyesight (in my case) and what should be a gold mine of chess improvement became a black hole of bad hand writing, misspellings, missing moves, piece transpositions and incorrect venue information. The Chess noter is a Godsend for people like me and anyone else who needs accurate game information but struggles with paper scoresheets. Customer service was nothing short of heroic. Joey Troy, handled my Tsumani of questions and comments about the Noter as I was pondering my purchase with skill and patience. Once all my “fence-sitter” indecision was put to rest and I actually pulled the trigger, the shipping was lighting fast, the device itself was super securely packaged. I opted for the tablet version of the device and I love it. It fits neatly in my tournament bag and yet provides me a large crystal clear display. It also allows me to email my games to myself and copy the games to my Android tablet making getting the pgns of my games effortless. Thank you Joey for the super device!!!

 by Reggie J
State: Illinois

This is by far the BEST electronic notation device for the game of Chess! Joey Troy has created a product that I'M proud to use for the improvement of my Chess. There's no other device like the ChessnoteR and it's here to stay!

 by Jim K
State: Connecticut

It is a great device that makes notation so much easier and I love that I can export the PGN via email so I can load up my games for analysis. Well worth the money.

 by Thomas
State: Texas

I've had a Monroi and a plycounter in the past. The Monroi was so-so and the plycounter was OK, but small and constantly needed calibration. But the Chess NoteR is amazing. Easy to use and easy to get the files off of. Additionally, if you are playing a previous opponent, you can bring up their information quickly and it saves you time. The Chess NoteR has a large screen and that makes it easy to use in tournament play.

 by Bob Lenning
State: Kentucky

I love my ChessNoteR! Much faster, much more accurate, easy to review games or email scores to myself after the game. And Joey has been very responsive with my questions. I'd highly recommend it.

 by Larry Bell
State: Kentucky

I love my ChessNoter!! It has made notating, review of games and analysis much simpler.

 by Nebu George
State: KY

I am impressed by the ingenuity of this product. Joey has done a great job in addressing the common and bothering issues with handling notation files, their portability (e-mail, file transfer in all relevant formats), software upgrades etc. A much faster learning curve for those who are used to writing down notations. It is a stable product and value for money invested. I would recommend this product to anyone who really wants to make a good investment to keep track of games to evolve as a player, and if you are serious about it. Thanks Joey for the product.

 by David Anthopoulos
State: California

My son loves it. It's so fast and convenient that he can quickly record his moves even in time trouble. No more lost moves at the end of games!

Since his name, rating and the name of the event are already loaded in advance, everything is quicker and easier.

And of course, the recorded games are also ready right away for computer analysis.

Wonderful product, well designed, with great online support from its creator, Joey.

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