A new age of features


True touch screen

Finally an electronic chess notation device with a touch screen. No stylus is necessary making this the easiest notation device on the planet.

Signed PDF Score Sheet

The only electronic notation device on the planet that creates a PDF signed scoresheet of your chess game. No other vendor has added this feature!

Stream to a TV

ChessNoteR allows you to stream to a TV with Wi-Fi. No more reason to have a demonstration board anymore.

Two certified devices

Unlike any other chess notation company, we have two US Chess certified devices. A handheld model that fits in your pocket and a beautiful tablet model for easier viewing and notating chess.

What else does ChessNoteR do?

The ChessNoteR has multiple options and features listed below and many of those features are requested from our ChessNoteR member base. If something is missing just let us know and we will look into adding to ChessNoteR!

Extra Options

Turn off and on Figurine Algebraic Notation (FAN), Turn off and on ratings for tournament board, Turn off and on Estimated game time. Along with many more options in settings.

Personalize the Board

You have over 12 different chess sets along with setting unlimited colors for the white and dark squares. Make the ChessNoteR your own!

Odd’s Tournaments

Working with younger chess players? Configure a game and notate a Knight Odds, Rook Odds, Rook & Knight Odds, 2 Rook Odds, Queen Odds & Queen Side Odds

Opponent Management

Create opponents, search games that you have played with them, merge opponents if you misspelled a name. Also, review each game you played them so you are ready next time you get paired.

Tournament Management

Adding many features that paper notation doesn’t do! Tracks estimated game time, Start & Pause estimated game time, Record time from chess clock, Skip moves when in time trouble, and much much more!

Review Games

Go over your game instantly on the device once the tournament is over. Need to analyze? Simple connect the ChessNoteR to your laptop or send the game data through email and use a chess engine. Simple!